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Project Description
OMRON is a multi-player real-time-strategy (RTS) game set in an underground cave system.

Project Status
OMRON currently has a functional multiplayer mode! We are working on game balance and other improvements; an alpha release can be expected within several weeks.


OMRON was named Most Innovative at Microsoft's 2011 "Hunt the Wumpus" game programming competition.


Dev: Preetum Nakkiran, Vladimir Korukov, Ben Morrison

Contributing artists: Jeff Jou, Libby Zorn, Rachel Morrison


Opening as Human faction: mining for resources under the protection of a guard tower:

Misc. attacks:

misc. attacks

Troy infantrymen (Human) vs. Tentacles (Wumpus):

An army of infantrymen charge a Balrog:

Infantrymen surround a Balrog:

Swarmed by cave mites:


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